More than a Benefits Broker, a Strategic Partner

“…BCG Advisors saved us $160,000 the first year. Their help in controlling costs and giving us ideas and insights as to what is driving healthcare premium increases and what we can do to minimize them is greatly appreciated….”

BCG Advisors is different from most other insurance brokers. We take the time to learn about your business’ and employees’ needs.

We have a single goal – to exceed your expectations at every level. That’s why our three-pronged approach guarantees you will receive the lowest premium rates, gain valuable efficiencies, and meet all your program goals and requirements.

BCG’s Three Pronged Approach to a Successful Benefits Program


“…Bill Scuorzo is a hands-on business owner who has infused this “genuine care” into his company. As a result, we reap the benefits of having BCG Advisors represent our health benefits needs. If you’re in the market for a health insurance advisor, this is a good place to start and finish your search…”

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We thoroughly evaluate all aspects of your benefit program, including current employee contributions, employee utilization levels, employee demographics, benefit design, and current providers used. We are consistently able to provide significant cost savings, while creating benefits programs tailored specifically for your organization. Your customized program is then fully managed throughout the year by the BCG Advisors experts. Our resources, including more than forty insurance carriers and vendor partners, guarantee you get the most competitive premiums in the marketplace.

Valuable Information to Make Informed Decisions

“…Your company’s knowledge of the medical insurance field is outstanding….”

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At BCG Advisors, we understand that most small to mid-size businesses are not aware of all products and services available to them. That’s why we constantly study the marketplace to provide our clients, in an easy-to-understand format, every feature of every program as well as how it will affect them and their employees. We find it imperative that small businesses understand this valuable information so that they can make informed decisions.

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Total Benefits Administration – Your Outsourced Benefits & HR Department

“…It is comforting to know that any questions or problems we may have recieve prompt personal attention by Eva Masi, our Benefits Administrator. She is very knowledgeable in her position and she has always been extremely helpful. We look forward to our continued relationship in the future.”

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At BCG Advisors, our client centric approach to servicing your day-to-day benefit needs translates to a significant INCREASE in your RETURN ON INVESTMENT. We act as your OUTSOURCED BENEFITS DEPARTMENT, which enables you to concentrate on growing your business – not administering the benefits program. This type of support and service, most often only seen in Fortune 500 companies, is the backbone to the success of our small business clients’ benefits program.

Total Benefits Administration

We assign a Broker/Advisor, Licensed Client Manager and Client Benefit Administrator to each client to ensure every need is met. Whether it is training our clients to use an online administration portal, or processing paperwork on behalf of our clients in-house, your team of experts at BCG Advisors provides the personalized support to gain efficiencies and lower your costs.

• Benefits Questions
• Compliance and Regulatory Assistance
• Processing of new employee applications
• Changes in employee status
• Employee Terminations
• Billing issues

Employee Benefits Concierge Service’s

“…I was blown away by the time and effort your firm provides our individual employees on a one-on one basis to help with everyday benefit issues. My HR Manager has much more time to concentrate on hiring additional staff to grow our business and manage our current staff.”

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Our Employee Concierge Services provides your employees and their families with seasoned benefits experts to help them navigate through the complex “world” of health benefit programs. We are your ADVOCATE to help your employees and their families with:
o General Benefit questions
o Denied or incorrectly paid claims
o Obtaining pre-certifications
o Dependent Eligibility Verification
o Locating participating providers
o RX claim reimbursements

Customized Employee Education.

“…I was extremely impressed with how thorough BCG Advisors was during the three visits to our office to educate our staff on the new benefit program. I can honestly say that I have not had to answer one question from an employee about the benefit program since we started working with BCG Advisors. What a time saver!!”

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The more employees know and understand the benefits program, the higher the level of satisfaction they have with what you are offering them. Therefore, we strongly feel that it is paramount that benefits are properly communicated to all staff in a simple and easy way which they can understand. We will work with you to customize a communication strategy which includes:
• Produce custom communication materials
• Formulate a road map for employee education which includes on-site seminars
• An initial memo to employees notifying them of the change
• Customized enrollment materials for each employee
• Informational seminars to explain the benefits and answer any specific questions (bilingual available)
• Provide employees with assistance with filling out applications
• Process of all paperwork with carrier, obtain group and member ID numbers prior to
cards being sent
• Follow-up question and answer meetings

Total Compensation Statements. (Click here to view a total communization statement)

While many factors drive employee retention, a key element is ensuring that employees understand and appreciate their benefits and compensation. A total compensation statement is one of the most effective means by which employers can educate employees and help them to understand the true value of the employment relationship.
As employers know and understand, the cost of an employee reaches far beyond their salary alone. Total compensation statements give employees information on the complete pay package awarded to them on an annual basis, including both direct and indirect compensation. Direct compensation can be defined as “all compensation (base salary and/or incentive pay) that is paid directly to an employee.” Indirect compensation can be defined as “compensation that is not paid directly to an employee and is calculated in addition to base salary and incentive pay (e.g., employer-paid portions of health/dental/vision insurance, retirement benefits, educational benefits, relocation expenses, and employee paid time off).”

The more detail that an employer can provide, the more beneficial the statement.

Some common items to include in a total compensation statement are:
• Salary/hourly rate
• Commission
• Medical benefits coverage—include amount paid by employee and employer
• Flexible spending account information
• Paid leave—include vacation/sick/PTO, holiday, personal, bereavement, military pay, jury duty, etc.
• Disability insurance
• Life insurance
• Employee assistance program
• Retirement benefits—include 401(k)/403(b), pension plans, etc.
• Educational assistance programs
• Relocation expenses
• Stock Options
These reports are extremely customizable and can include your logo, a message from your company, benefits unique to your workplace, etc. If you are interested in obtaining these reports for your employees, please contact us.

Click here for a sample total compensation statement

Minimizing Risk / Compliance.

Whether it’s Healthcare Reform, COBRA, HIPAA or ERISA, BCG Advisors continually updates clients on the ever-changing laws, rules and regulations which affect you. Our regular blogs and newsletters highlight changes and daily events which impact how you provide benefits and we offer real time solutions to remain in compliance. Additionally, our full suite of complementary Human Resources services minimize risks associated with employment related issues. Additional compliance include:

  • Employee Handbook Preparation
  • IRS Form 5500 Preparation
  • Compliance with NJ Paid Leave, FMLA & FLA Laws and Regulations
  • DOL Labor Laws
  • Employee Maintenance / Filing and Recording
  • •Safety / Risk Management Reporting and Compliance (OSHA, FMLA)

COBRA Administration.

BCG Advisors makes administering COBRA easy. As part of our Total Benefits Administration, BCG Advisors provides clients personalized COBRA letters upon an employee or dependent’s qualifying event for you to send to qualified beneficiary. Once BCG Advisors receives notification that a qualifying event occurs, we automatically send the notice to our clients. COBRA administration could not be any easier.

Wellness Programs.

Here are the facts: Healthier people work harder, are happier, help others and are more efficient. Unhealthy workers are generally sluggish, overtired and unhappy, as the work is a symptom of their way of life. According to Corporate Wellness Magazine, every $1 invested in employee wellness programs yields roughly $4 in savings through reduced sick days, higher productivity and decreased overall health costs.

BCG Advisors works with clients to develop and implement a wellness program to meet the needs of the employees. Whether its screenings, flu shots or a simple weight loss competition, BCG Advisors has the expertise to implement simple or complex programs with an eye on ROI.

Why develop an employee wellness program?
• A wellness program may improve staff health, morale, and productivity.
• Supporting staff to make healthy lifestyle choices will help them to be
better role models for WIC participants.

What are some components of an employee wellness program?
A wellness program may include some or all of the following components:
• Wellness newsletter
• Health risk assessments
• Health screenings
• Workshops on wellness issues
• Walking groups
• Health fairs
• Healthy potlucks and healthy snacks for meetings and breaks
• Physical activity breaks
• Fitness classes
• Smoking cessation classes
• Incentives such as water bottles, insulated lunch bags, tote bags, stress
balls, pedometers

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